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DermaFlow continues to develop non-invasive monitors, while simultaneously achieving direct and accurate measurements with ease of use and cost effectiveness. This multi-attribute package cannot be found today in any of the commercially available products based on Laser Doppler or Pulse Oximetry technologies.

DermaFlow duly notes the important role played by both Laser Doppler and Pulse Oximetry which have been commercially available since the late '70s and mid '80's respectively, in the investigation and education of the importance and microcirculation monitoring and its correlation to disease states.

DermaFlow product attributes combined with a technological platform design lending itself easily and inexpensively to scalability and modular extensions create a unique product line for assessing healthcare through microcirculation based detection. This same theme easily transitions development of DBF monitors for the in-hospital, out-patient and home or remote care situations.

Top 6 Major Features for DermaFlow's DBF Device are as follows:

  1. 1. Microcirculation Monitoring - Dermal Blood Flow
  2. 2. Non-Invasive Early Detection
  3. 3. Direct Measurement
  4. 4. Ease of Use for Routine Assessment
  5. 5. Preventative Healthcare
  6. 6. Cost Effective

Specific benefits for DermaFlow's foremost applications in acute and chronic care are delineated below:


Acute/Critical Care

Chronic Care

  • Non-invasive  and Direct Measurement
  • Sensor Technology
  • Easy to use for non-physician
  • Easily integratable into existing vital care sign monitors
  • Early Alerts for most prevalent ICU cases of multi-organ  dysfunction, sepsis, shock
  • Can be used for EM-ICU and ICU release triaging
  • Bedside or remote version can be used post ICU for continued monitoring
  • Cost Effective for the Healthcare System
  • Very sensitive tool to micro-vascular changes
  • Continuous monitoring for Routine Assessment
  • Ease of Use non-physician
  • Operator Independent
  • Monitoring that can apply to both CAD and CHF patient populations
  • Prognostic value-Preventive  Healthcare
  • Home monitoring for follow-up
  • Healthcare Incentivization: monitoring  effects of diet, exercise and lifestyle on disease

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