"Early Non-Invasive Microcirculation-based Detection"

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The Dermal Blood Flow (DBF) Monitor uses the "Hot Wire Anemometer" (thermal) method to non-invasively measure dermal blood flow (also referred to as the skin, peripheral flow and/or microcirculation) with the help of skin-contacted sensors. Essentially, this allows an assessment of changes in flow in the extensive capillary blood vessel network, which in turn provide a window into both the autonomic nervous system and local and global cardiovascular systems as well.

Very minimal heating of an area of the skin is affected while measurement of the heat energy loss along the skin's surface (through conduction along the skin, and convection by skin blood flow) is conducted. This method of measurement provides the unique ability to directly measure dermal blood flow in the microcirculation.

The technology was developed by Ilya Skoletsky, who is the inventor of the technology and CTO of DermaFlow. The DBF Monitor component parts are: the sensor, sensor driver, measuring unit, power unit, indicator and memory and communication unit.

The sensor, sensor driver and measuring unit are proprietary to the patent.

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